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A bright future
for education

Connecting kids ages 6-12 to safe
and effective tutoring

Always safe, always playing
Discover the perfect tutor

How it works

Liirn make it easy to connect with the right educator for your child's learning goals

  • Filter tutors by subjects to refine your search
  • Get to know each tutor through their intro videos
  • Enroll in 1:1 or group classNamees

Personalized learning

Our educators help keep your child's attention by incorporating their passions into the lessons

  • Group classNamees are 3-5 kids and meet for
    30 minutes 2x a week
  • Weekly report cards keep you in-the-know
  • Kids can grow and nurture their Grbll character
Learning, personalized
Always safe, always playing

Nutritious bites

We are dedicated to helping parents connect their kids to healthy digital habits

  • Re-watch your session recaps on-demand
  • Snack on skills-based video courses
  • Topics range from TikTok Emoji Dance Along to How to Fly A Drone